Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

"We are always beside you and behind you but never in front of you, you have to choose your own path" from the Universal Intelligence by Dr. Donald McDowall

Who Are My Spirit Guides?

Many well known Mediums such as Sylvia Browne and Rita Rogers know who their Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are. They can be someone you have known in your lifetime like Riblet Hout a small town doctor in 'A Psychic in the Heartland' by B.S. Faulkner who had a spirit guide called George Felbers a friend he had known in his life who had died when he was young.

Often they will be a deceased relative or friend who was a very spiritual person who have agreed to guide and support you in this lifetime. Usually however they are beings who have progressed and have the wisdom to lead and teach you. It is not necessary for you to know who they are to receive their help and guidance.

Spirit Guides exist on a higher plane or vibration than you do either in the spiritual realm or another dimension. They usually communicate to your soul regularly not only during the day but of a night. You may have helped and guided them in one of their incarnations on this earth plane and have swapped places so to speak. Many of these guides are evolved beings 'old souls' who will help you to evolve and become enlightened.

They may have lived many times on this earth plane and have agreed to share their wisdom and knowledge with you before you came onto this earth plane. They not only support you on your spiritual path but can offer advice in a most practical way. They will guide you and keep you on the path that your soul chose before you came onto this earth plane. Always they bring great love and watch over you with compassion and concern.

Many writers, musicians and artists actually channel help from their guides, knowingly or unknowingly and are inspired by them and some will not take on any new work without requesting their help first. Healers are usually surrounded by guides who are helping them when they are healing. They channel healing energy and information from their guides.

How Many Guides Do I Have?

You usually have one or two guides but when you ask for special help you have an unlimited number of guides who you can call upon. They may not be with you all the time as they have other work to do but will return to you when you need them. You have a main guide who stays with you for your lifetime sometimes known as a 'primary guide' who is usually a member of your 'soul group'.

Are Spirit Guides the Same as Angels?

You are born with a Guardian Angel who will be with you for your lifetime. Your Guardian Angel will help you in times of emergency without being asked and are an entity that usually has not had an incarnation on this earth plane. Your Guardian Angel guards and protects you whilst your spirit guides teach and support you.

What Do My Guides Look Like?

Many people see their guides as Native American Indians because traditionally they had natural psychic abilities and were close to nature. You may see Chinese guides because they possess a natural healing ability particularly with herbs. Your guides will always come to you looking the same in age and appearance so that it is easy for you to recognize them.

Many clairvoyants can see your spirit guides if not as a 'form' than as 'spirit lights'. Your spirit guides are entities that have usually lived many lifetimes. They are beings of light and the more evolved they are the more light that radiates from them. They are individuals who have their own special gifts and are attracted to you because of your special interests or your chosen field.

Asking For Help

Even though spirit is always trying to guide you through co-incidences in your life you will notice a big difference when you actually ask for help for yourself or how you can help a loved one. You came here for a reason and a purpose but even if you do not follow through with this your guides will not interfere unless asked.

The easiest way to ask for help is to ask out loud or write it down as this makes your request more powerful. When you write it down put a date on it and then you have a record of what you have asked. You will always get an answer but may have to wait until they feel the time is right. You will discover that once you start asking for help your spiritual guides will become a part of your life. Of course this can make life a lot easier for you as you have mentors to guide you.

You may like to set a time aside every day to talk to your guides and ask for help and guidance. However, to receive their wonderful guidance you can ask anytime you wish. The more you communicate with them the easier things become for you, stay positive and ask for help.

A Most Important Question

One of the most important questions you can ask is 'what is my life purpose' or what is the reason I came here. As you get caught up in the day to day experiences and demands of life you may forget why you came here or your 'life purpose'. It usually has to do with learning to master your emotions and thoughts and to be of service to others.

Looking For Your Answer

Their answer may come in any form so be open and willing to listen to them and to trust your intuition. Your guides will create synchronicity of events or coincidences in your life. Your answer may come in more than one way so take notice of coincidences that are being created around you. Be open minded as your guides will often answer you in a most unusual way.

Your may see your answer on TV or in a paper or magazine. You may hear it on the radio and it could be a song that keeps being repeated. You may purchase a book or open a book to the exact page that is relevant to the question you have asked or the guidance you need. Sometimes you will keep singing a song and cannot get it out of your head. Often you will meet someone who when you are talking to them will give you the answer.

You may be driving somewhere and keep getting a red light or held up perhaps they are trying to stop you from going somewhere. Maybe they are trying to prevent you having an accident. Take notice if you are trying to purchase something or go somewhere and you just cannot seem to accomplish what you desire. Maybe spirit is trying to tell you that what you are buying or where you are going is not in your best interest.

Your answer may come in your dreams so when you wake up try to lie in the same position for a moment or two and see if you can recall your dreams than write them down.

You will always get an answer and if your guides cannot contact you telepathically they will contact you in other ways. Take notice of numbers that are being repeated in your life such as 11 or 111 which means that something spiritual is about to happen in your life. 333 which means your guides are around you. These numbers can appear on car number plates which suddenly pull in front of you or on clocks and in other ways too.

Take notice when animals turn up in your life as your guides will often try to guide you with animals. If you do not know what animals represent than you might like to get a book on animal symbolism or look up animal totems on the net. You guides will often put animals on your path to give you guidance.

Communicating With Your Spirit Guides

There are many ways that you guides will let you know they are around you, sometimes during a meditation you may hear them speak to you. This is especially true when you have a profound personal problem that you need help with. They also will let you know they are around by using a special fragrance or smell. Often someone who used a special perfume while alive will let you know when they are around by using this fragrance. You will usually find that you are the only one that can smell this scent.

You may feel a pressure on the top of your head which is your Crown Chakra or on the left side of your face. The left side of your face is the receiving side as this side goes to the right side of the brain which governs your intuition. You may also feel as if you have cobwebs on your face.

They may communicate with you through sound and you may hear bells or chimes that only you can hear. Eventually, however you will just be able to sense their presence.

When you are held up for any reason whilst driving or traveling realize that your guides may be protecting you so relax and take the time to communicate to them.

The more you ask for help and guidance the easier it becomes to know when you are being guided and the stronger your connection to spirit. You can ask your guides for help in any situation even to what book you should choose to read at this point in your life.

Often your guides will wake you in the early hours of the morning as they find this to be the time when you are most receptive. If you do wake up for no apparent reason just lie there and take notice of what thoughts come into your mind. You may be pleasantly surprised as you become aware of an answer to a problem you have been asking about. You should write down what comes into your mind as they feel they have the need to communicate something important to you. You might like to keep a record of this in a journal.

Automatic writing during or just after meditation is another way to communicate with your guides.

Contacting Your Guides During Meditation

When you meditate with the intention of contacting your guides they will draw close to you by changing their own vibrations to the same as yours so communication can take place. It is best to meditate in the same place and the same time if possible. Light a candle with the intention that you will be protected and that you wish to contact your spirit guide or other beings of light. You can ask them to help you to contact them.

Sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and relax your body. Take a few moments to concentrate on your breathing, listening to your breathing and gently slowing it down, feel all the stress and worries of the world leaving you behind.

Feel yourself walking down twenty old stone steps and as you walk down count the steps. When you reach the bottom you start walking along a path, in the distance you can see rolling green hills. You are in the countryside and you feel totally relaxed and at peace. The grass under your feet is soft and green and you are surrounded by beautifully colored wildflowers. It is dusk and the light is gentle on your eyes and you can feel a soft breeze on your face.

In front of you there is a large tree with beautiful white flowers gentle blowing in the breeze. You breathe in deeply enjoying the lovely perfume from the flowers and notice a stone bench under the tree.

Go over and sit down and rest for a couple of moments while you wait for your guide to sit beside you.

Now you can sense the loving energy of your guide sitting beside you and picture the light radiating from them. Feel that you are one with them and completely at peace. Relax and listen to any words they may speak to you. You may hear them speak their name and they may have a message for you. See if you can sense what they look like. Stay with them for about five to ten minutes just knowing that you are with them and feel their love and compassion for you.

You feel it is time to go you stand up thank them and say goodbye. Your guide gently places something in your hands for you to take back with you. You walk back the same way you came. Become aware of your body and where you are and slowly come back to the present. Open your eyes and think about what your guide has given you and what it represents to you.

Regular practice and perseverance will help you to attune with your guide. You will discover the more you practice the easier it gets and in time you will recognize your guide's energy and personality. When you first begin to meditate you may feel that your guide is not there but they will be and they just need you to be patient.

How Do I Thank My Guides?

Once you get your answer be thankful and charitable, feed the wild birds or be of assistance to another. It can be of great comfort in times of tragedy in our lives to know that we are not alone and are able to receive help and special guidance. Your guides are there to help you, just ask.


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