Harpreet DhanjalAfter having a session with Rosemary, personally I feel like I am born again.

Georgina Lee-CrawfordDear Rosemary, Just wanted to let you know that whatever you did to me, it was a miracle.

Leatrice Lynne LattsYou are the best healer I have ever worked with, You are truly the healer’s healer.

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About Rosemary

Rosemary is described by her clients as a warm, caring, compassionate and very passionate, spiritual healer.

Butterfly HeartShe has spent the last 13 years as a dedicated NSR Facilitator who has helped thousands of people in Australia and Internationally transform their lives in areas of their Health, Emotional Well-being, Relationships, Family, Love, Career, Business, and Spiritual Growth.

While meditating Rosemary asked what her purpose in life was because she felt there was something she was meant to do. She said it turned out to be the most important question she had ever asked.

A few days later she went to see a clairvoyant who told her that she would learn a healing system from a very clever man and that she would heal others right up until the end of her life.

At that time her niece was going out with Tony White who was healed of Chronic Fatigue by Peter O'Neill who taught Neuro Stress Release (NSR).

Tony White & Jackie Chan on the set of "HighBinders"

Tony was one of the youngest Wing Chun Kung Fu Masters in the world. He spent thousands of dollars on traditional and alternative therapies; NSR was the only thing that helped him. After receiving NSR Tony was then able to go on and work with Jackie Chan in the movie "Highbinders".

When Tony recovered from Chronic Fatigue he advised Rosemary to look further into the NSR healing method. Rosemary says, "For me this is where it all began".

She then decided to have an NSR session to see whether it would be beneficial to her. And boy were the results astounding! Her back pain of 40 years was completely gone.

Rosemary then went on to learn Neuro Stress Release (NSR) and was extremely impressed by this amazing modality as she watched others and herself heal.
Rosemary’s Full NSR Journey

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