Kundalini and The Chakras

Kundalini Fire

What is Kundalini Energy

Kundalini energy is your dormant spiritual energy or your life force and it gives you life. It is a wondrous powerhouse of divine cosmic energy which resides in you and penetrates the whole universe. Your Kundalini energy lies at your base chakra which connects you to the earth energy. Also known as ‘Kundalini Fire’ or the ‘Serpent of Light’ it purifies your body and is your natural healing energy. Kundalini energy is the energy of awareness waiting to be uncoiled. There is always some kundalini energy present in everyone and it is the most powerful of all metaphysical energies.

It is a universal energy open to everyone but most information regarding Kundalini has come from India. Medical science is now investigating this wonderful energy that makes our heart beat. It is not properly understood even amongst yoga and groups practicing meditation techniques.

Kundalini means ‘she who is coiled’ and is the Sanskrit word meaning either ‘coiled up’ or ‘coiling like a snake.’ In ancient Hindu mythology, the Goddess Kundalini, an incarnation of the Great Mother deities, was represented as a serpent sleeping coiled at the base of the spine.

Kundalini should be treated with the upmost respect as it does not distinguish between good or bad. When you start to evolve spiritually, kundalini energy is released from your root chakra and travels up through your body opening all chakras. This coiled supernatural energy rises upward through the spine energising all the other chakras to their full potential.

Kundalini energy known as ‘self-realization’’ is regulated or timed to the Sun and is often called ‘solar energy. It is not only life energy, sexual energy but a healing energy for your mind, body and soul.

What happens when my Kundalini Awakens?

When Kundalini awakens it will begin a great change in your life, enabling you to live to your highest potential awakening insight, creativity and energy. Kundalini is known to be the source of all creative genius and psychic ability. You will experience opportunities to help your life to flourish and to express who you really are.

When the Kundalini rises you may experience many strange sensations which may include stinging or crawling sensation under the skin, vibrations, itching. Muscle cramps and spasms or weakness and disorientation. You may hear your Guides speaking to you. Pressure around your head and tingling especially in the crown chakra area. Kundalini energy is usually hot so you may feel overheated. You may suffer extreme bouts of nausea and this could last for months. This experience is unique to you alone and you may experience other sensations as you reach your highest level of consciousness and your connection to the divine.

Once the energy is uncoiled and rises it causes an opening and unfolding of the crown chakra and is said to be the result of an increase in your spiritual awareness. This can happen suddenly or take many months or even years to rise.

How the experience affected me personally

On a personal level I experienced stinging or crawling sensations under the skin which lasted on and off for about 12 months. During this time I became overheated and I had bouts of nausea for well over 12 months. I felt pressure on my head and tingling in the crown chakra.

I would lose my balance and feel the room spinning. Also I continually cleared my throat for many months. The vibrations that I now experience are not unpleasant but feel like a tingling inside my whole body.

For me the experience that caused me the most concern was disorientation especially when I walked into a shopping centre where there were a lot of people or where there were very bright lights. I felt very confused and did not know where I was and just had to sit down and wait for it to pass. I was very lucky on these occasions to always have someone with me. This state of confusion also affected me on one occasion when I was driving and I lost complete control over the left side of my body. On this occasion I also had someone with me as I did not know where I was or what to do. I have experienced these sensations over a number of years so it has been a gradual process.

How Can I Start a Kundalini Awakening?

Many healing modalities can balance your chakras and help you to remove obstacles that are stopping your natural flow of energy. This will help you to gain a high level of spiritual, emotional and physical well being.

Kundalini may also rise when you experience severe stress or trauma in your life or when you are meditating, fasting or practicing yoga. It has also happened when someone has had a near death experience. You should be aware that even though Kundalini is a healing energy it may also affect you in some rather unpleasant ways which may last for months or even years. When you practice meditation, prayer or yoga on a regular basis the kundalini energy may be released. It moves up through the chakras until it reaches crown chakra causing vibrations through the body.

How does Kundalini Rise?

Your soul is able to reach its highest potential when the Kundalini energy rises upward through the chakras towards the Divine Masculine of the crown chakra. This union of the two is also the joining of the creative and sexual energies. Kundalini is thought to be the basis of our own evolution.

This energy force that rises from the base chakra, moving through each chakra and activating each eventually makes its way to the crown chakra. This energy ascends through a cavity in the bony canal of the spinal cord, through a channel called Sushumna. This canal provides a central linking electrical system from which the marginal spinal nerves of the body communicate with the brain.

Kundalini rises along two curved paths of the channel - the Ida (female) and the Pengala (male) The Kundalini base energy than combines with incoming streams of Divine energy from the power of the Divine Spirit or God. This current sets up a pressure, which causes the forces of energy to rotate. As the energies in the Ida and Pengala cross over and ascends each positive and negative crossing creates a Chakra or flower.

Kundalini energy brings together the male and female polarities within us and its energy is limitless and has no constraints either inside or outside ourselves. Once the energy is uncoiled and rises it causes an opening and unfolding of the crown chakra and is said to be the result of an increase in your spiritual awareness.

How long does it take for Kundalini to rise?

The rising of Kundalini may occur spontaneously. It may feel as if a serpent is uncoiling from your base chakra and activation each chakra as it rises. Or you may experience this energy rising over many weeks, months or years.

How can I help myself when the Kundalini is awakening?

You should avoid caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol and any form of drugs. Try to reduce stress in your life with meditation, yoga, massage and using the alternative healing modalities. Eat a well balanced diet and exercise frequently. Find out as much as you can by reading and talking to others who are experiencing or have experienced a kundalini awakening.


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