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How Does NSR Work

Neuro Stress Release (NSR) was developed by brilliant Queensland Kinesiologist, Peter O'Neill. It's a technique that accesses the mid brain and nervous system to physically release and clear negative charges from the brain.

With NSR there is no need to over analyze the issue or dredge up past hurtful memories. It's more like using the delete button on the computer. It's a pain free technique that is safe, natural and effective.


NSR combines both modern healing modalities to ancient techniques with Kinesiology being the foundation.

Kinesiology Muscle Testing is a technique discovered and used thousands of years ago by Native American Indians. They called it flow, as it was a test to see if energy was flowing. Practitioners today in many fields are now using this technique as an indicator of what's going on in a client's body.

Muscle testing provides us with very accurate information about everything you are, have, or have had. It allows us to tap in and discover anything about ourselves, on a physical, chemical, emotional or energetic level, or to tap into the subconscious mind right down to a cellular level.

Kinesiology Muscle Testing

The NSR Eye Mode Technique

The NSR eye mode technique involves lightly massaging your eyes in 12 different directions. *Rosemary does this on her own eyes and not on the clients".

It has been said that your eyes are the windows to your soul, but this new development uses your eyes as the keyboard to your brain.

Physically, your eyes leads to the mid-brain (thalamus) via the optic nerve. The mid-brain is the relay station, sending thoughts, messages and information to all parts of the body and mind. As such, the mid-brain is the key to mind-body healing with the eyes being the entry point.

So the eyes being the windows of your soul, completes the triad of mind, body and spirit. It has been discovered that if you push your eyes into 12 different directions (like a light eye massage) you can ‘actively access’ all parts of the brain and its filing system.

Like a computer, you need to put something on the screen, either physically, chemically, emotionally or energetically, then you press ‘click’ to the brain. Like a mouse to a computer, you can move your eyes around all you like, but unless you press ‘click’ nothing happens.

The NSR eye mode technique clears stress and negative charges directly from the filing system of your brain. NSR resets the body systems and can change your emotional state in mere seconds.

*The information is from Peter O'Neills Neuro Stress Release (NSR) System.*

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