Diane NearyRosemary, It was a wonderful experience the other night with you.

Allan WulffGod Bless You Rosemary!!!! I certainly recommend you to everyone. Best wishes to you.

Harpreet DhanjalAfter having a session with Rosemary, personally I feel like I am born again.

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The NSR System

Affirmations and Commands

The Neuro Stress Release (NSR) system uses affirmations and commands to open and access all parts of our body and brain's filing system. These commands are designed to make sure nothing hides and is cleared on all levels of consciousness.

Major Life Areas

Major Life AreasCovering all the areas of life that have issues, stress, health, life purpose, family, money, career, relationships, intimacy, communication, mind, relaxation, learning, love, self esteem, sporting, stamina, etc.

Maslow developed the hierarchy of needs, Peter O'Neill developed Major Life Areas, illustrating that they all need to be balanced. NSR identifies the body's priority, or you choose the life area that you want to work on.

Yin and Yang Balance

Encompassing the yin/yang philosophy, balancing all major opposites of life, both individually and in relation to all other parts of the NSR system.

The Five Elements

NSR has adapted the ancient five element system of fire, earth, metal, water and wood, turning it into a modern day life map. Incredibly it tells you where you are, where you're going and what you have to do.

This is also where we weed out all the negative associations to things like money and relationships, and replace with the positive. We learn the specific reactive behaviour and what actions our mind/body wants to take, we also uncover the lesson to be learnt.


Recognising outside influencing factors defined as 'obstacles'. These are issues like surrogating (taking on others issues) and self-sabotage. Once again these may be issues on their own, or may be the block that stops you from fast-tracking your goals.

When we fully lift the veil of illusion, it's amazing to see just how many things we're in denial about. NSR lifts you to new levels of consciousness. It's not just for people with issues, it's for those wishing to grow in consciousness. It's a tool to stay conscious, focused and clear in all situations, all the time.

Body Rewiring

The NSR system has modified and simplified structural modalities, literally rewiring your body on a physical level. Areas covered include resetting cranials, hip twists, scoliosis, the TMJ (jaw), the balance system and more.

Body Systems

Resetting the 10 major body systems, organs and glands. This is the chemical system where you can clear and reset right down to a specific hormone level.


Seven Major ChakrasWhere the Chinese use the five element system, the traditions of India focus more on the chakras or energy centres. The Neuro Stress Release (NSR) system combines both, adapting them to modern times. There are body system chakras, sense chakras, secondary chakras, the seven major energy centers themselves. This section addresses energy fields, also known as auric fields.

*The information is from Peter O'Neills Neuro Stress Release (NSR) System.*


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