Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce was born in the late 1800s into a farming family. He grew up like a typical young man in this era, hoping to marry and have a family. Early in life, he began to see visions. He also appeared to have the ability to absorb information from books by simply sleeping on them, although that did fade eventually. A strange, seemingly permanent case of laryngitis plagued Cayce, This led Cayce to working in photography which was very fulfilling for him. Eventually, he was able to be healed under hypnosis, but only temporarily. When Edgar was awakened, his voice would disappear again.

Soon, the hypnotist began to ask Edgar Cayce to talk about his own condition under hypnosis, which led to an amazing discovery about Cayce's ability to diagnose and recommend treatments for himself, and later others, that were astonishingly accurate. This was impressive because he had no medical background. Cayce grew famous because of his readings. Edgar had always hoped for a way to help people in his work. He resisted seeing his gift as a way to provide for his family and did it for free as a service. After diagnosing himself and finding the cure to his condition, he went on to help many others.

Soon Cayce got married and tried to move on with his life by working on his career in photography. It seemed his gift was made useful everywhere, which caused him to always have local fame for his incredible talent. Edgar Cayce was a very spiritual man, reading his bible every year of his life. He turned to his family and the bible for guidance, and eventually took steps which led to him opening a hospital where he could help many people with his ability to help heal them through his readings.

He was even able to heal his own wife and son of various afflictions at various times. Later in life, Cayce considered reincarnation and was surprised to find out how well it actually did line up with his religious beliefs. In that same context, Cayce discovered a lot about people's former lives. Eventually, Edgar Cayce had over 14,000 readings in his name and had helped so many people experience amazing health changes. Cayce's work involved many facets from information which helped to heal many people, holistic medicine, and many other areas. Edgar Cayce's life work was an incredible asset to healing, spiritual health, and mental health.

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