The Secret to Perfect Visualization

Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization is a simple technique that works.Your thoughts are energy so what you can imagine you can create.The law of the Universe is the Law of Attraction or the Creating Principle. By using a simple Creative Visualization you can easily tap into the Universal Law and create for yourself what you desire. The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is imagined.

So to get your desired results you might like to use the following creative visualization technique which has proven to be very successful for hundreds of people.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world" Albert Einstein

"The secret to creative visualizationis not to see yourself in your visualization but to see and feel your daydream or visualization as you would if you were really there."

Once you see yourself in your creative visualization it will weaken it and sometimes you will see it happening for someone else. Practice creating your daydream with your five senses, sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Remember the way you feel or your emotions are very important to your success, happiness, joy and laughter.

Creative visualization is easy and enjoyable and can manifest after only one session if you do it properly. You should affirm in front of the mirror every morning "I enjoy visualizing, I am excellent at visualization and it happens for me quickly for my good and the good of others".

Creative Visualization Meditation

Always set an intention first by saying "I enjoy creative visualization and I am now going to have a perfect visualization that will happen for me quickly for my good and the good of others".

You might find it beneficial to sit down first in a comfortable chair and have a book or magazine to read or play some relaxing music. I find reading helps me to relax easily. If you lie down you may fall asleep and this would defeat your purpose.

Concentrate on your breathing and count slowly in rhythm with your breathing. The use of the Pranayama yoga breathing technique is very effective. Count to about 10 but do not worry if you feel you are not completely relaxed but move on as your will go into a state of deeper relaxation when you continue. Now take a few moments to enjoy the following creative visualization meditation before you create your own.

'Imagine that you are walking down some old stone steps you can actually feel your feet on the stairs feel each foot pressing on the steps as you go down. You are counting the steps as you go down there are twenty steps ahead of you.

You reach the bottom of the steps and start walking through a forest or wood where the sunlight is filtering down through the canopy of trees above you. It is a lovely spring day and you see a vine covered in beautiful white flowers, you touch one of the flowers and notice that it has a pale yellow centre, you breathe in an intoxicating and beautiful perfume.

You come to an enchanting lake where you see a waterfall cascading down from the cliff above. You can hear the rush of the water as it tumbles into the lake below. Upon the lake there are beautiful and majestic white swans as you approach they look up towards you, you notice that one of them has 2 young babies near her. You see a wild strawberries growing you pick one and eat it savoring its texture and sweetness. You see a small rabbit watching you on the path ahead. He scurries away as you get closer. You are really enjoying yourself. You feel contented and happy.

In the distance you notice tall mountains ahead, covered in mist so their tops are hidden from your view. You keep walking and now you walk right into your own visualization.

If you would like to be on holidays you might like to start with actually getting on the plane and how excited you are. You are at the beach, see the beach, feel the warm sun on your body and water rushing over you. The smell of the sea the sound of the waves rolling in along the endless shore. Actually feel yourself there and someone saying to you what a wonderful holiday you are both having. Eating and icecream or something you really enjoy. You are really there and thoroughly enjoying yourself. The emotions and how you feel are very important. Remember you feel wonderful, happy and relaxed you are there now. Live in the moment.

You can then affirm "I now leave this to the Universe to create for me easily and quickly."

Positive Affirmation

Why Affirmations are so important by Og Mandino author of The Greatest Salesman in the World.

"Herein lies the hidden secret of all man's accomplishments. As I repeat the words daily they will soon become a part of my active mind, but more importantly, they will also seep into my other mind, that mysterious source which never sleeps, which creates my dreams, and often makes me act in ways I do not comprehend".

Daily affirmations should be said 20 times in the morning and 20 times before you go to sleep. Put 20 beads on a string and slip each one through your fingers and in this way you do not have to count.

You should affirm every morning in the mirror "I enjoy visualization, I am excellent at visualization and it happens for me quickly for my good and the good of others."

You can choose an affirmation such as:

"I am now enjoying a wonderful and relaxing holiday" or
"Money is now freely flowing into my life."

Write your affirmations where you can see them everyday. Put them up in your bedroom.

There are many free positive affirmations that you can say and can be found on the internet or you can create your own. Always affirm in the present.

"I Won 42 Thousand Dollars using Visualization"

I once visualized myself winning a large sum of money which I did as I won over $42,000. At the time I was extremely happy to win this money but more intrigued as to how the creative visualization had happened so accurately. That the visualization I had was exactly how I won the money down to the smallest of details and that it had manifested itself in 6 days. I then started to visualize frequently and in this way was able to go on to create other things which I desired including material possessions but also creating a better life for myself. I have proven that you only have to visualize what you desire once and once only. If you have correctly visualized it will then manifest for you.

Everything anyone has created in life has been visualized first, from buildings, houses, cars, holidays, our deepest desires. That is why it is also important to visualize good things for ourselves or others.

We should not visualize negative things happening for ourselves or our family which we are inclined to do especially when our children are teenagers. We start to visualize them in car accidents or having problems in their lives. So we start to create this and then you will hear a parent say that they knew that was going to happen after their children have been in an accident for instance. Create wonderful things for them and realize that people have a habit of living up to our expectations of them.

May your Creative Visualization manifest easily and quickly!

Happy Daydreams...


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