Diane NearyRosemary, It was a wonderful experience the other night with you.

Leatha Simmons MitchellRosemary is a Godsend. I recommend her services without reservation.

Trish WillingWords cannot fully express how much your healing session worked...

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Client Testimonials

* The testimonials appearing on this website are not intended to make claims that our products and/or services can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any conditions/disorders.

Gregory Burke – Darwin NT

Gregory Burke I have suffered from depression since the age of 10 and am now almost 60. It has had an awful effect on my life, although despite the illness, I have studied to be a registered nurse and school teacher.

The antidepressant I was on and off from 2003 was effexor also known as venlafaxine xr, with doses between 75 and 150 mgs, depending. I have had times off the drug, but would over a month or 2 go back to a depressed state, requiring 4 weeks in bed as the effexor started to work.

I now consider myself cured of depression thanks to the nsr healings of Rosemary. It took about 18 months, and it was like taking a sliver off with each healing, before finally going completely off the antidepressants.

I also used binaural beat cds to fill in the brain gaps after each healing. This was the other part of the healing. Rosemary's nsr, then the cds to get new brain patterns going.

I could talk about the thousands of $$ I have spent with healers, but that is the past. I am now quite healthy, have no digestive probs and medication free for an extended time, with no sign of the black shih tzu. A huge thanks to Rosemary, for getting this guy depression free. Amazing!


Victoria – United States

Victoria Victoria – –Herpes outbreaks diminished tremendously to pretty much none, after about 4 sessions of healing. Able to eat anything (ice-cream, chocolate, nuts, bread etc.) without outbreaks. It has changed my life greatly. Thank you! I am now sure that anyone suffering with herpes, no matter how severe or how many years dealing with the virus, can be healed completely, with energy healing.

Younger Son – Did healing for allergies. He was getting out of breath every time when he was running for a longer period of time and playing with his big brother. He was really suffering. I am happy to report that after your first session (just one session), he has been breathing totally normally, even after running and playing for a long time.I am so happy that my little one’s lungs are in a much better shape.

Husband – Doing much, much better. He was admitted into a mental hospital for 1 week in May 2015. After he got out you gave him 4 sessions of healing, within a period of one month. His delusions had diminished tremendously. He is much more positive towards life. Has found more hope. Understanding more that he has a problem and a condition. Willing to continue with energy healing. His trust issues have improved quite a bit. Quality of life has improved. He has been an insomniac for years and after healing started sleeping a lot, even excessively for the last 2 ½ months. Catching up on all the sleep he had lost during the years. Depression diminished. Gained some weight and looking healthier. Smiling and laughing a lot more. He got passports for our kids and talking about possibly all of us going back to America. Lots of amazing changes, the least to say. I am so grateful! He has more to go, but over all, there is a much brighter future here.


Maxine Lynn – NSW

Maxine Lynn Hi Rosemary!
I highly recommend Rosemary, she is caring and non judgemental. I felt a great change in myself after each healing! So far I have had two and will have another one. I felt less vulnerable more stronger and capable of dealing with my life as there has been life changing decisions to make.

Thank you Rosemary!!!



Anna Wraith – United Kingdom

Anna Wraith Thank you for the healing on Sunday night. I don't know what time you started the healing but I went to bed about 11pm gmt with a very odd heavy feeling in my abdomen. I can't really describe the feeling as I have never felt like that before. I also felt very tired and drained all at once. I thought I may have problems sleeping due to the odd feeling in my abdomen but I very quickly went to sleep. I woke up about 1.30 needing the toilet, I was so drowsy I wobbled there and back and promptly fell back into a deep sleep. I then woke up when my alarm went off still feeling very heavy headed and thought I may struggle through the day. But once I was up I soon began to feel much better.

The first thing I noticed was the light feeling in my abdomen. I often had a knot type feeling here and to be honest I had just got used to it and never gave it much thought. Also I would get stomach ache on a regular occasion. Normally a few times a day. All this hasn't been there since the healing. I am also feeling more relaxed in general. I'm not letting things upset me like I used to. I am presuming this is down to the healing.

Thank you so much for this healing session.



Shirin – United Kingdom

Shirin I am very happy to have discovered you during my search for a genuine healer. It was a time I needed help, and I was not sure how to protect myself against fraud.

It took one 10-minute phone call to understand that you could help me. I was extremely relieved as soon as you gave me some clues as to what was happening to me. I was amazed at your ability to see exactly what was going on with me and I felt better during and after our healing session.

I would also like to thank you for your kind heart, something that impressed me too. You responded promptly to my emails even after we were done with my healing. You were so kind to me when I contacted you after a while to see what it was disturbing me health-wise and you did it for free. I was quite impressed, to be honest. I feel blessed to have interacted with you to resolve my issues.

Thank you so very much and I am sending you lots of love. Shirin


Liza Beyer & Seamus The Horse – United Kingdom

Liza Beyer and Seamus The Horse I want to thank you for your healing Rosemary. Seamus was lovely and calm it was like riding a different horse. I did a very short ride and was able for the first time for months to have him on a loose rein. He was amazing so relaxed even my teacher commented twice! I was hacking and the sun was shining.

So pleased this is the greatest gift! And brings me such happiness. Liza


Dale Essendrup – Perth WA

Dale Essendrup I did not contact Rosemary because of a physical ailment. I contacted Rosemary because I was feeling terrible. Mentally and emotionally I was not happy with myself. I felt as though I had lost my own inner friendship with myself. I was living but with a frustration of not been able to shake this inner state.

I was uncomfortable just selecting a random healer off the internet and opening my heart to some stranger. Eventually out of desperation I asked my higher self for guidance, to guide me to a healer that would be able to assist me.

In faith I went onto the net and searched for a healer. Rosemary's site stuck out to me and I accepted to take a chance.

On meeting Rosemary on Skype, I liked her immediately and felt in safe confident hands as Rosemary conducted that first session.

From that day onward I was never the same. Immediately that anger towards myself changed. I could feel an illusive but faint calm in me. I felt peaceful for the first time in a very long time. I booked more sessions and it became a routine for me, always clearing more and more conscious and subconscious issues.

The purpose of the healings shifted. No longer was I just trying to be functional, I was chasing happiness. As it came, my outer life changed. My relationships improved, my work improved. I let go of coping mechanism that I so needed before.

The goal of the healings changed again. Overtime I began to understand what enlightenment meant and that it is attainable using this method of Rosemary's healing. I would not need to live in cave. I would be able to live my life, go to work and just be normal, yet reach enlightenment.

It has been two years now down the road and clairvoyants and psychic abilities are part of my life now. With the light advancing exponentially.

I suspect I am close now but I don't know how long it will still be. Regardless I am thankful to Rosemary for taking me from that terrible space where I was before that first healing and delivering me to this point where I can now even contemplate enlightenment. I'd like to thank you Rosemary for always being there and being so committed to my journey.

Thank you Rosemary


Jaci Anderson – VIC Australia

Jaci Anderson Hello Rosemary,
I heard about Rosemary through a good friend who had experienced great results. Being sick and tired of my own long term physical and emotional pain, I decided to 'make the call'. I have had many sessions since, and things have, and are, changing for me both internally and externally.

Rosemary was able to delve deep into my history without feeling intrusive, and did it in such a way that I felt nurtured and understood. Our sessions are always full of both profound insight and humour, which for me, are attributes of an effective healer.

I have had Kinesiology and other healing modalities in the past, but they weren't nearly as insightful. I especially love watching how my own behaviour effortlessly changes around others. It is like: 'This is me without the any negative history, my true self'. Rosemary always gives me practical advice and suggestions on how to keep healing and look after myself.

I can't thank you enough Rosemary!

Jaci Anderson


Rachel Lubin – USA

Rachel Lubin Rosemary is a truly gifted, remarkable, and powerful healer! After my session with her I felt better immediately. I felt well and whole again, and it is a healing that is lasting and works on many levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I experienced an incredible sense of peace and well being and the pain was gone.

She is amazing. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of a healing.


Cynthia – Inverkip – Scotland

Cynthia Castell Rosemary, I had to write to tell you how well your healing worked for me today. When I called, my right foot was so painful, to try and walk on it was unbearable. Now, I have had a little sleep and am walking with ease! The relief and joy I feel are overwhelming.

You do open the door to miracles. I wish I could hug you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Cynthia A Castell


Leatrice Lynne Latts – California USA

Leatrice Lynne LattsDear Rosemary, Thank you for facilitating the healing of my body and my life. You have worked miracles with your love, your caring, your intuition, and your healing of the basic issues from which everything else flows.

You are the best healer I have ever worked with, and I have worked with several. It is not just your unique approach of healing core energy imbalances, rather than symptoms, it is your openness, your dedication, your patience, and your love. You are truly the healer’s healer.

You have healed my life and the lives of others in multiple and extraordinarily meaningful ways. I am proud that you have chosen to work with me as a healing partner and not just as a healee.

Much jove (joy and love),
Leatrice Lynne Latts


Melissa Scott – Life Coach, Speaker and Trainer – Melbourne VIC

Melissa ScottRosemary Edwards is a phenomenal healer! She has assisted me to clear through many blockages, understand my life from a higher level and break through the day to day blockages from common colds to really accelerating my business success.

She is gifted, insightful and utilizes a system of healing that can genuinely assist you to transform your life! I recommend her highly to my family and my clients.

Everybody deserves support in their life's journey - Book in today for a session and see the results for yourself.


Taneisha – Sydney NSW

TaneishaTaneisha is eating better and better with every passing day and she loves the food! It's a miracle. She was fighting it for so long and I really couldn't see the light. She even baffled all the doctors!!! She's a changed baby!! She used to vomit everyday and choke on her vomit it was awful for all of us to see and awful for her!!

I can't thank you enough Rosemary
Like always god heard me and brought you to us.
Chat soon Xx Manda Wood

(Manda's 1 year old daughter Taneisha was currently being fed by a tube. She was born with a cleft palate and had two operations, then was unable to eat.)


Eika Taucher – Sydney NSW

Eika TaucherDear Rosemary, I hope that this e-mail finds you well and healthy. Today I want to write to you to tell you that since early September 2010 I am completely healed and well. Diarrhoea, shingles, chronic fatigue all have disappeared. I do not take any medication, I only apply a healing oil from California to the soles of my feet three times a day.

Thank you very much for giving me my health and life back!
With love and kind regards yours, Eika Taucher.


Bina – United Kingdom

BinaDear Rosemary, I am very grateful for how you have helped me have more normal health and wellbeing than I have had for years:

I have been struggling with low energy for what must be most of my life, coupled with a weak digestion, and have been prone to feeling low and unwell under any provocation. But since the first two sessions with you over the phone, I have noticed a marked improvement in my health. I now feel stronger and healthier than I have ever felt before. This transformation has been coupled with an inner wisdom that seems to have grown naturally from the first session: to make me take control of my life and have the strength of mind to implement simple common sense measures (that were lacking in my lifestyle) - to sustain and give support to that positive trend.

(For I do believe no system of medicine can on its own cure a person without their leading a healthy life.)

So, many thanks Rosemary, and I hope that you will long continue in your good work to benefit many people. I will never forget your kindness, your warmth, your humour, interest and concern. It has been a joy to have been under your care.
With affection, Bina


Blue the Poodle – Virginia USA

Blue The Poodle"I found Rosemary in the internet while I was looking for a miracle to give my 5 years old poodle Blue some strength and energy to endure an unknown illness that's been an ordeal for 2 years now.

I contacted Rosemary via email and briefly explained Blue's situation. She replied right away, and on the night of the same day she started the sessions. Also, Rosemary was always very patient clarifying me all the doubts I had, which was and is very important for me in the entire process.

It's amazing how Blue responded to the sessions, and how precise Rosemary's reports were about Blue's problems. Blue is better and happier now. Her little eyes sparks again. Although she is not cured, at least you can tell she is relieved like if a burden has been removed off her little body. Blue is now more alert and energized.

I give to Rosemary all the credit for Blue being still around, because it's so hard to reverse a lowering energy and this is where I can see clearly the effects of Rosemary work. I am infinitely grateful for her love and care over the distance.

Thanks, Rosemary. Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift with us, beyond the time zones, distance and especially without prejudice, for you take care not only of people but also our pets we love. God bless you. Adriana"


Max and Sadie The Horses – United Kingdom

Max and Sadie The HorsesI contacted Rosemary because my two horses were unwell. One had an injury to her leg and the other had serious foot problems.

After the first healing on the first horse the serious swelling on the leg disappeared. Really incredible as normally this injury takes 6 weeks to heal!

The other horse is standing more comfortably and his energy is greater. His behaviour is more settled and less panicky. He will take longer but is making good progress.

Thank you so much Rosemary, Nancy Jackson.


Julia – United Kingdom

Julia I have found that not only has Rosemary really helped Julia with her eczema, she has helped us as a family. Her kind words of support and encouragement have been such a help to me. I found that through working with her that I myself have benefited. I have seen big changes in the emotional behaviour of all my children and will definitely be working with her again in the future.

Thank you so much for all your help. Kathy.

Update 2009 – Hope all is well with you, just to tell you that we are delighted with the last session on Julia. Julia is doing so well at the moment. Her face has not been red and sore since the healing and she seems a lot happier in herself. It is truly amazing!


Shelley Galley's Father – Africa

Shelley Galley's FatherRosemary, My father has asked me to send this email and thank you very much for all the work that you did in helping with his healing process. He has been doing extremely well since your help and returning home from the hospital. He has put on 6.5kgs and continuing to do so which the doctors are shocked with his progress.

He mentioned that if it was not for your help and healing he would not have achieved this. He is now continuing with meditation and helping the healing also stopped medication from the hospital and feeling so much more positive in everything which is lovely to be able to speak to him and hear the positivity. I would like to thank you myself as well. You definitely have had a positive effect on him. God Bless!! Regards Shelley.


Cathy – Hawaii

CathyI met Rosemary online when I was at a really emotional point in my life. With Rosemary's guidance, I learned what was going on inside me with my body that was causing me so much difficulty in so many areas of my life.

My mind began to be able to handle stress better in a lot of situations, I had more energy, and my hair texture regained its health.

Following Rosemary's guidance is easy after she aligns your body and mind. I feel happy within myself and mind.

Thank you Rosemary for everything. I recommend everyone who is searching for a lot of answers to go thru as many sessions as they need with Rosemary to find their happiness and contentment within themselves as I have.


Daria Sherman – Ohio USA

Daria Sherman - You are truly Magnificent!The experience of NSR energy-healing with Rosemary was truly transformational. Finding Rosemary was an answer to my prayers on so many levels.

Prior to the healing sessions I had paralyzing lower back pain. Additionally I had life long relationship troubles. With both I have tried many alternative therapies and got minimum relief and I was on my knees praying for at the very least understanding. Not only did Rosemary give me the understanding, she cleared the negative cellular memories.

After a session clearing thyroid issues the next day my hips were 2 inches smaller. Before the session I had low back pain and leg pain so deep I could not walk, after that session the next day the pain left and I could walk.

Today I feel peaceful and hopeful for the first time in my life. Thank you Rosemary, You are truly Magnificent!


Scott Wilson – NSW

Scott WilsonScott has chronic scoliosis which he has had since he was fifteen. He is now forty, and recently was X-rayed which showed severe curvature of the spine. His lower back was in spasm giving him some pain. When Rosemary did the healing he said that he felt the pain move to other places around his back eventually dissipating, and then his leg jerked out as if it had been manipulated physically.

After this he lay still for some time just "being". A few days later his back was much straighter and he said that he felt "taller" as if a weight had been lifted off of him. He feels much better in himself and says that he feels more confident. I believe that the muscle that was in a spasm for so long will now become stronger due to the energy that it is now receiving. This in turn will continue to strengthen his back muscles. Had this only been adjusted physically it would have kept occurring and even greater problems would have resulted.

Energetic healing addresses the deeper issues that bring about disease which transmutes the energy so that the natural life force can heal the body.

Rosemary was able to do the healing very quickly after I contacted her and there was an almost immediate result. Scott at first was sceptical, but now he is pleasantly surprised by the results.

Keep up the good work Rosemary. Lots of love Cilla.


Ellen Roe – Darwin NT

Ellen RoeHi Rosemary, Thank you so much for your feedback on the healing and also for the healing itself. I have felt much more positive since last Saturday and I’m coping well.

Also I just want to say thank you for the distance healings you gave me on the day before my operation and on my birthday. I felt a surge of energy on both occasions and I am sure it contributed greatly to my recovery.


Allan Wulff – New York USA

Allan WulffHi Rosemary, Well, I feel definite improvement in the asthma/COPD area and feel as if the healing continues. I've tried my spirit guides but I realize that contact may take "time". My legs feel better and I feel the circulation may be improved. My energy level is higher than before.

My overall energy has increased and I feel much less fatigue and I am in higher spirits than before. My anxiety is gone and I feel that my depression is too.... I am overall feeling happier. My thoughts have become clearer and continue to do so. I've noticed improvement in my memory and clarity in the mental processes.

The acid reflux has improved although now and then it occurs. I also feel that this healing continues.

I was very impressed and happy to find I am a money magnet. I am ready to accept/receive and move forward in the prosperity/money cycle. I feel good about that and positive.

Overall, I say the healings have been and continue to progress successfully. My overall health and well being has absolutely improved and continues to do so. My relationship with Ivette continues well, and my Daughter has definitely released so much stress and angst.

May I thank you so very much? Please stay in touch from time to time as I will as well.

God Bless You Rosemary!!!!
P.S. - I certainly recommend you to everyone .....
Best wishes to you, Alan.


Ty – Oregon USA

TyHi Rosemary, It is about six months since we have spoken. I have a son Ty with Autism he is 11 years old. We live in Oregon USA.

You did a healing for Ty by photo in July 2007. When he went back to school in the fall his teachers noticed a great improvement in him. They said he was focusing better and his eye contact had improved. Also he is becoming more involved in what is happening around him.

Thankyou, Jeannette.


Harpreet Dhanjal – WA

Harpreet DhanjalAfter having a session with Rosemary, personally I feel like I am born again. I had knee problems and shoulder problems the pain has disappeared from my body.

Ever since I have experienced being heart broken my emotions have been affecting my organs (which is a fact in medical science) and pain in my shoulders and knees was inevitable. Now I can at least feel better and stronger.


Leatha Simmons Mitchell – USA

Leatha Simmons MitchellSerendipity happens -- I found Rosemary's website while searching on Google for a medical intuitive on November 20, 2007. On the basis of the testimonials, I decided to contact her. At the time, I was worried about an adult child who was suffering from anxiety, stomach problems, nausea, irregular heartbeat, loss of appetite, weakness and other ills. Although I also have health issues, at the time I was primarily concerned about his health.

The day after Rosemary did the work on my son, I noticed a definite difference in his personality - more harmonious and cooperative -- less abrasive. The times when these problems first appeared in his body were times that I could recognize as having been traumatic/stressful. When I saw my son on November 23 for dinner, he was not complaining about his stomach and ate well. He did not appear lethargic or ill. I hope that Rosemary's efforts will lead to deeper healing. As an aside, I have always been able to feel this child's emotions and illnesses in my own body; I believe that he needs to heal as much as I do for me to feel well. Many things in this world reveal the connectedness of us all, but after reading Gregg Braden's books (citing DNA experiments) and about fetal microchimerism (the fetal cells that children leave behind in the mother's body) (http://bloodjournal.hematologylibrary.org/cgi/content/full/102/10/3465), I gained a new understanding of how and why we can feel our children's emotional/physical state - to quote Sharon Stone, "To have a child is to have your heart walking around outside your body."

After Rosemary's work on my son, I consulted her about several health issues including my cardiovascular problem, frequent urination and fibromyalgia, insomnia, painful joints and restless leg syndrome. Rosemary pinpointed the age when some of these problems surfaced. Her findings resonated strongly. I am now being more careful of my diet after she pointed out the connection of the liver and arthritis.

The day after her healing activity, I woke after sleeping five hours!! I can't remember when I last slept five hours at a time, nor a time in the last three years that I did not make one urgent trip to the bathroom in that length of time! That was blissful.

Here, I'd like to mention that I have enlisted the help of many healers and modalities for both my son and me over the last 18 years - including acupuncture, dowsing, prayer, homeopathy, medical intuitives, Bach floral remedies, ayurveda (effective but sometimes too time intensive), psychotherapy, soul retrieval, shamanistic healings, nutrition and other kinds of healing. In addition, as a Reiki III, I have also used Reiki, as well as Reconnective healing which I learned in 2004. And so, this lifetime has been a journey of healing for both my son and me.

While, I do believe that many of these healings had their effect and were a part of the healing process, only one shamanistic healing has had as profound effect on a long-term health problem as did Rosemary's work.

Rosemary's second healing on me also proved beneficial - more refreshing sleep. Rosemary is a spiritual and compassionate healer, and a very generous woman -- I very much like the way she suggests resources that may increase one's understanding of their life and health issues.

I am very enthusiastic about Neuro Stress Release - I think it is invaluable for helping one's self, family and friends. I am especially happy to think that my son's problems may be resolved without a huge outlay of money on medical tests, pharmaceutical drugs, etc., that I can ill afford at this time because I have already spent thousands of dollars on problems that medical doctors cannot identify or relieve. Neuro Stress Release seems a safer way and a much better investment of my money!

Rosemary is a Godsend. I recommend her services without reservation - her energy feels clean and noninvasive. I look forward to having more sessions
Leatha Simmons Mitchell from the USA


Diane Neary – USA

Diane NearyRosemary, It was a wonderful experience the other night with you. When I woke up the next morning I was still suffering with a rotten cold, head cold. I jumped out of bed and was not sure what I would do that day. The next thing I knew was that I was cleaning up a storm with energy that I had not had in quite a long time. This energy was certainly a lot stronger than the cold symptoms were. Also felt a calm about life that I much needed like a heaviness had been lifted off me.

I went to work last night and if something would start to bother me I would just hit my head and say delete. Working well!!

I thought that the numerology readings were right on. Thank you again I am going to forward your site to my sister and neighbor. They are interested in distant healing.

I have looked for the spiritual churches and found one in the city area, but have not gone any further with it as yet. I have an aunt who is a psychic, and will know someone I can go to. She has had the ability for years and has helped many people. Well again thank you hope to keep in touch. Peace


Tracy Kieffer – Pennsylvania USA

Tracy KiefferJust letting you know that I felt very energized last night and I slept wonderfully. I woke up for the first time in a long time not tired! I could feel that energy last night so well. Today I felt good too. My back is not hurting near as much but I took it easy as not to hurt it anymore. Rest is what I did and tonight I feel even better.

I know my guides sent you to me.
I am so happy I did this with you. Peace to you my friend. Tracy


Jessica – Pennsylvania USA

Jessica"I could see a big difference in Jess when she came down stairs after your talk. She was less stressed and in a better mood, more relaxed. It is good. Look forward to hearing from you."

Tracy xxxx


Trish Willing – Browns Plains QLD

Trish WillingDear Rosemary Kia ora and greetings. Words cannot fully express how much your healing session on my daughter firstly, and secondly on my painful back and sacroiliac joint have worked. My back continues to improve each day and I am now almost pain free. The wonderful thing is I know you will always be there should I need another top up.

Since Emma's healing session with you and my subsequent telephone healing our mother/daughter relationship continues to strengthen and improve daily. Though we sometimes still have our moments, (as does any normal parent) we are able to communicate and understand each other with more clarity and are now more ready to accept each other for our strengths and our weaknesses and for who we are! Your Chaldean numerology reading is already coming to fruition and in time will mean more good things to follow.

Rose for me personally, your healing has meant I have been able to understand and accept, deal with, and move forward from many past issues in my life. It's a bit like the blinkers have been taken off and I can see where I've come from and where I am going to in the future. As you know I am a strong believer in fate and destiny and as I have always said to you I believe by trusting in and surrendering to the universe all things are possible.

I know I am about to begin a very exciting and challenging spiritual journey through my love for animals and nature and I thank you for helping me to realise this. I know that you have helped heal and touched many people's lives with your wonderful gift and I pray you will continue to work with people and animals as you do for a long time yet! Nga mihi nui ki a koe Rose. Kia Kaha, Kia maia, Kia manawanui. (To be strong, to be determined, to be patient and steadfast).

Peace and blessings always


Traci Symon – USA

Traci SymonDear Rosemary: Thank you for the healing. I did fall asleep immediately and I wasn't trying to but I felt so much better this morning.

There are a lot of challenges in my life right now and I will have to just face one day at a time, because I tend to constantly project forward and worry about all I have to do. I am a Virgo and we are always looking for perfection and order in an imperfect and disorderly world. It is very difficult to disconnect from this inherent tendency.

No doubt I will be seeking your services again when everything gets to be sixes and sevens and I am overwhelmed.

You have a wonderful gift.


Elaine Urquhart – United Kingdom

Elaine UrquhartHi Rosemary, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this for me it is 100% accurate once again. When you say put positive signs around the house, in what way please.

Thank you, you are giving me strength to deal with this.

Love Elaine xxxxxx


Martin – United Kingdom

MartinHi Rosemary, Fascinating, fascinating, stuff, it is 100% accurate. I was very interested when you singled out at 4 years etc, the anxiety begun etc. I want some more please, this is truly amazing. Thank you Love Elaine

(Elaine "above" had a healing for her son who was suffering from anxiety. She found the healing to be extremely accurate and it revealed the root cause of the anxiety.)


Georgina Lee-Crawford – Gold Coast QLD

Georgina Lee-CrawfordDear Rosemary, Just wanted to let you know that whatever you did to me, it was a miracle. Somehow my ankles were not as tired as they have been before and neither were my heels in pain although the situation is not completely gone, boy can I walk now and not have to hop around in pain with each painful step.

I also do not go to any more other practitioners besides you for my pain management.

My neck and back pains were gone too and somehow the awful aches in my elbows are also not as noticeable. I wouldn’t even have remembered about them if I am not writing this to you.

So a huge thank you for all you have done for me. Take care, Georgina Lee-Crawford


Mary Lam – Sydney NSW

Mary LamA girlfriend had recommended Rosemary to me when she told me that Rosemary had helped her get over a marriage and relationship problems. I was feeling stress & anxiety from my own relationship issues. Rosemary was always there for me when I was in need of guidance, healing and when my energy level was down.

NSR has helped me to realise that I should always put myself first in life and that happiness is from within. Thank you for your continuous friendship Rosemary. In Love & Light. Mary


Judy Troy – Gold Coast QLD

Judy TroyI was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 and had two operations within a period of three weeks, followed by intense radiation therapy for breast cancer, which was making me feel depressed and lethargic. It was while having the radiation treatment that a friend recommended I should see someone called Rosemary who was doing a revolutionary natural healing technique known as Neuro Stress Release.

This was all new to me, the only 'alternate' thing I had done in my life was visit a healer to try and help me with the stress that I was going through, as I was looking for comfort and answers after the passing of my husband, who I considered was my soul mate.

My first visit with Rosemary was very moving; I came away feeling a definite lightness with me. I had many things to think about and many tears were shed. I now have regular visits and feel this energy healing technique has changed my life. It has improved my health, peace of mind and is very beneficial towards my self-discovery.

Thankyou Rosemary for your help and your friendship.


Cynthia Williams – Pennsylvania USA

Cynthia Williams Update 2008 – This is cool I was just thinking about you this morning and I was going to email you to let you know what's been going on in my life. I know that my body is healthy with my thoughts and it has been doing exceptionally well. The I AM in me has always been well and my ego was always getting in the way to stopping my body from healing itself.

My blood results are all excellent and people are even telling me how wonderful I look and sound. It's a process to go through but the universe knows the right time for everything that goes on in my life. We have to stop feeding our ego and start living the spirit. I was glad to hear from you and hope to hear from you soon. Love and Light, Cindy

Dear Rosemary, I wanted to let you know that everything is really great for me and I'm totally healthy in my mind, body and spirit. I've come along way since we talked and I'm very happy for what is happening in my life. Life is good and it is showing every where I go; people are noticing the change in my whole demeanor. Thanks for what you are doing and may God Bless in all that you do.
Sincerely Cindy
P.S. I always knew this, but now I know it.

Dear Rosemary, When I say I'm healthy in my body, no matter what I feel, I am totally healthy. I've been learning this for years and now it seems to click even more in me. What we give attention to is what shows up in our life. I don't give any attention to the illness and I feel healthy and alive. My blood sugars have been going down and I have to adjust my insulin pump. I'm healthy and that's all there is to it. I have been telling the nurses at dialysis that I'm going to be the first patient they have to walk out of there healed. I'm taking The Secret to dialysis Monday and the social worker there is going to play it for the patients.

I've been talking with the sick people at cardiac rehab and they are listening to me. I was told I'd be helping lots of people to heal. I'm excited about all this and I do want to help people to heal from their emotional trauma. I've always wanted to do that and I will open a place for that soon. I got a dream on what the name will be and I'm getting someone to design the name for me. Well I hope this says to you some of what I've been experiencing here and hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely and God Bless Cindy


Rhonda Davis – Sydney NSW

Rhonda DavisI underwent an operation for bowel cancer in 2005. After the operation I was extremely depressed, in a lot of pain, and very tired. I could not leave the house because I needed to be near the toilet all the time. I had a phone healing with Rosemary and it was the turning point in my life. I gained energy, the pain left me and I was able to go back to a normal life.

I decided not to have chemotherapy but instead had Neuro Stress Release healings with Rosemary. She was able to tell me exactly why this cancer had developed, and so I was able to rectify the situation as I did not want the cancer to return. I feel very grateful to Rosemary, and I have great faith in this marvelous gift she has. I went to see the Doctor who was amazed and told me not to come back for 3 years.

*Rhonda is a dear childhood friend. To read her full story please click here.


Paula – Canada

PaulaHi Rosemary, hope all is well!
So I just wanted to let you know that this morning I woke up feeling different. I feel refreshed, energized and renewed. Like I can conquer anything! I don't feel fearful or upset, I feel like anything is possible and that everything will be ok.

So again thank you I haven't felt this great in a long time. I have been down and depressed for almost 4 years and finally I feel free and unblocked. The work you do is amazing.

I was skeptical because I didn't see you or what you did. But the way you talk to me so positively and reassuring I had so much trust and faith and I thank God opened me up that night to meet you online.

I am looking forward to getting better each day and hopefully by my second healing I will be even more on top of the world.

Just wanted to let you know that I feel amazing, and it's all because of you and your positive outlook. You have a special way of connecting to people and I feel like I've known you all my life!!!

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I am truly grateful and I never thought I could get out of this darkness. I thought that was just how my life was suppose to be!!

I wish I could meet you one day but as we say here in Canada your all the way down under “lol” on the other side of the world!! I'm not great at traveling as I can barely last on two hour flights. Can't imagine flying that long to come there, do u ever come to Canada to do seminars? That would be amazing and I would want front row seats lol!!!

Talk to you soon!! Thanks from my heart to yours, you are a special gift from God!! xxoo


Anne Dennison – Nambour QLD

Anne DennisonI had a large gall stone and was suffering frequent gall bladder attacks. My Doctor referred me to a Specialist on the Sunshine Coast and booked me in for surgery within two weeks.

I came down to the Gold Coast to visit a friend and she suggested that I have a healing with Rosemary. After the healing the gall bladder attacks ceased and I was feeling so much better I cancelled the operation for the time being and to this day (18 months later) I have not had a gall attack.

I also have two torn shoulders and Rosemary gave me a healing just recently and I certainly have noticed an improvement.


Julie and Joel – Cabarita Beach NSW

Julie and JoelThankyou Rosemary once again, I had a short sleep after I spoke to you and when I woke my Nausea went. Joel had a sleep and when he woke he wanted to eat saying his throat was better when he could not swallow before he spoke to you.

I will keep all of those words of wisdom from you close and will tell myself everyday because I want to have energy again and feel on top of everything. Thankyou again, Julie and Joel


Donna – Gold Coast QLD

DonnaHi Rosemary, I saw you yesterday afternoon about my flu and I feel 100% better today. Yesterday my body ached, all my muscles and joints, my head was stuffy and I was fatigued. This morning I felt great, heaps of energy and ready to go. My nose was a bit sniffly but that was all and I imagine it will be clear tomorrow.

Usually when I am knocked so bad the first day of the flu, like I was yesterday it takes a couple of weeks to clear.

Thanks Rosemary, I'm not sure how it works, it just does.


Katie – Sydney NSW

Katie Dear Rosemary, Thank you so much for curing my Candida, everytime it came back it made me extremely agitated and upset and I thought it could never be cured. I feel that a miracle has happened.

Thankyou so much, Katie


Linda Cullen – Cabarita Beach NSW

Linda CullenFor the past six years my son Justin has suffered from Psoriasis, during that time I have done everything possible to have this condition cured by visiting many Doctors and spending large sums of money on tablets and creams from the chemist. Some of these helped his Psoriasis but never cured it.

Rosemary did a healing session for Justin over the phone and in a couple of days I could see a difference in his condition. In a couple of weeks his condition was completely cured and has never come back. This condition greatly affected my Sons self esteem and I am grateful to have found such an easy and astounding cure.

Thankyou, Linda Cullen


Linda Cullen – Cabarita Beach NSW

Linda CullenI had problems with my lungs on and off for many years. I went to see the Doctor recently when I had congestion on the lungs and he thought I might have scar tissue.

I phoned Rosemary and she did a healing for me over the phone. Before the healing was finished I started to feel better. In a couple of days I was completely cured and I then realised that I had not been using the full capacity of my lungs for as far back as I can remember.

I am very grateful to Rosemary and NSR for I believe that without this healing session I would never have found out that I was not using the full capacity of my lungs.

Thankyou, Linda Cullen


Michael Scott – Sydney NSW

Michael ScottDuring a holiday on the Gold Coast I developed a very painful back. I found it difficult to move round even though I was taking medication for the pain. I had to drive to Sydney the next day to go back to work.

A friend drove me over to see Rosemary as I could not straighten up. I became so relaxed during the healing that I went to sleep. I came away feeling a lot better and my back improved over the next few days and I have not experienced any pain or discomfort since seeing Rosemary.


Robyn – Perth WA

RobynThankyou so much for helping me, After the session I have noticed a wonderful improvement in the amount that my body is sweating. I would like to thank you from the deepest of my heart because I didn't know what to do and felt quite desperate. If only I had known about this treatment before.

I would like to send you a gift to show you how much I have appreciated your help. You are a true miracle healer and a lovely person, Robyn

(Robyn had an operation to stop her hands from sweating but resulted in her body sweating twice as much.)


Saija – Brisbane QLD

SaijaDear Rosemary, For about 9 years now I have had calcified milk ducts in my breast. I have tried many different methods and have seen just as many professionally qualified practitioners over that time frame. Can you imagine how blown away I feel when after just a few healing sessions with you and NSR have resulted in the calcification diminishing before my very eyes.

I am ecstatic and very grateful for NSR and for you Rosemary for your untiring energy levels and for your belief and passion in the work you do. I feel very blessed that you came into my life to help me as you have.

Thankyou and Bless You
Forever Grateful Saija


Julie Fredricks – Cabarita Beach QLD

Julie FredricksThankyou Rosemary, I am feeling much better now, you are a magician and a very special lady with a special talent. I intend to write a letter of how you have helped me and how I feel now from before I started to ring you. It's Friday and my flu has gone.

Thankyou, Julie Fredricks.

(Julie had a phone healing on Thursday morning because she had the flu. She said that she was better the next day).


Myra Wetzel – Cabarita Beach QLD

Myra WetzelDear Rosemary, I can't believe the difference in my ankle the pain has gone, also the fluid. It was amazing on Friday, I did not leave the toilet. I have only a little ache now. Whatever you did has worked wonders.

Thankyou, Myra Wetzel.

(Myra had a swollen ankle which was very painful with arthritis).


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