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NSR and Cancer Experiences

In 2005 my friend Rhonda phoned me from Sydney to tell me she had been diagnosed with cancer of the bowel and would like a healing session. When she had the session the body was saying (which I was able to find out through muscle testing her energy) that it was to do with a family member with whom she had been having major problems with for many years. She agreed with this.

Rhonda had an operation in April 2005 in which a large tumor was removed from her bowel but sadly one third of her large bowel had to be removed. A few weeks after the operation she phoned to say she was very depressed and in pain even though she was taking medication. She could not leave the house as she had to be near the toilet all the time.

During the next healing session Rhonda asked me to tap into her body that one third of her bowel had been removed and wanted her body to adjust to the fact. She was quite adamant about this as she had been told by the Doctor this could take quite some time. Rhonda had the session on the Sunday and by Friday she was down at the hairdressers giving herself a 'lift'. She said that the pain had left her and she could now go out.

Rhonda continued with the Neuro Stress Release (NSR) Sessions and also went to a Nutritionist to make sure she was giving her body the maximum nutrition it needed to heal.

At the next appointment with her Doctor he told her how amazed he was with her quick recovery and not to come back for three years. In August the same year she went on a tour of Europe for 6 weeks, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Rhonda is now studying at University and is very well.

My brother Michael had an operation in May 2001 he was told he had cancer of the bowel and was given less than 12 months to live. He had many sessions with NSR but he was a heavy drinker and the cancer went to his liver. Michael had chemotherapy. He did not choose to give up the alcohol and it was a choice we had to accept. During the extra years we had with him he used to tell me that NSR was keeping him alive and giving him a better lifestyle. He went on holidays a number of times as he was retired and just enjoying the things he loved to do. He use to ride his bike around the Gold Coast and was quite a well known identity telling anyone who would listen the benefits of NSR. Michael died in 2004 at Xmas. He was not in pain until the last couple of days of his life.

I attended a seminar on the Gold Coast by well known cancer survivor and Veterinarian Ian Gawler, the founder of the Ian Gawler Foundation, a natural health clinic in Victoria for cancer sufferers. He had his right leg amputated because of cancer when he was 24. There were about 300 people at the seminar and I asked many of them what emotions they thought had caused their cancer. They said anger and resentment over things that happened to them in the past. Many of them were seeking a way of releasing these emotions through meditation and other methods.

Judy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 and had two operations within 3 weeks. She was having intense radiation therapy when she first came to see me and was very depressed and lethargic. She now has NSR sessions whenever she feels she needs them and will tell anyone who listens how much NSR has helped her. She now enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle and knows that NSR has turned her life around for the better.

Pam had cancer of the palette and was holding onto past emotional issues to do with her Mother. During the healing session she released so much negative energy and emotions that she felt on a high and could not go to sleep that night. She phoned me the next day and asked me what was happening and I explained it to her. The last time I heard from Pam she said she was well.

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