Allan WulffGod Bless You Rosemary!!!! I certainly recommend you to everyone. Best wishes to you.

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NSR and Back Pain

I had a painful lower back on and off for over 40 years after a minor fall when I was a teenager. Over that time I frequently would be laid up for a period from 3 to 4 days in great discomfort. Often I would spend these times trying to work out what had caused the problem to reoccur and would blame such things as lifting something, the bed I was sleeping in, shopping trolleys that were too full and would not push properly, this I really believed because I had read it somewhere. The pain was so intense at times I was quite happy to pass out. Sitting for long periods was very uncomfortable.

I had x-rays at the hospital but they could find nothing. A few years ago I had another x-ray and this showed that I had spondylitis and degeneration of the spine and could see on the x-ray where my discs were narrowing. During these years I frequently took medication for my back.

I went to have a Neuro Stress Release (NSR) session after a friend Tony was healed from Chronic Fatigue. They told me that my back was caused by an emotional problem and to my amazement I was even told the age that I had the accident.

Realising after the session that everything I was told was completely right. I started to look back at exactly what had happened and what was triggering off my pain. Since the NSR my back is pain free. I only wish I had been able to have this treatment years ago and I sympathise with anyone who has back pain and how difficult it becomes to do even the normal everyday tasks.

After learning NSR I have been able to help many people with back problems. In particular a lady in Western Australia, who is a Physiotherapist. She told me she had been suffering with back pain on and off for 13 years and could not get any relief. She phoned me one evening and had a healing session. The next morning she contacted me to say how much better her back felt and that she had actually been able to scrub the shower floor, which I did not think was such a great idea at the time. This lady and her family went on to have many NSR sessions for other issues they had. She was so impressed with Neuro Stress Release (NSR) that she eventually came over from Western Australia to learn the system.

I did a healing on a young guy who was booked into see a neurosurgeon for a back problem, he was a furniture removalist. A couple of weeks later after the session I spoke to him and he said his back was not troubling him anymore and he did not go to the surgeon. He had also been holding onto emotions from the past that needed clearing.

Your back is your support system and if you are not supported emotionally or financially you can start to experience back pain. You could be holding onto emotions and issues from the past that keep setting off the condition. This can happen time and time again.

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