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10 Years of Suffering with Arthritis

I had arthritis in the knee for 10 years. When I woke of a morning my knee would be locked into a excruciating painful position. I found it difficult to climb stairs and I regularly took medication.

Later I was fortunate to discover how diet affects arthritis and how to eliminate the discomfort by eliminating certain foods from my diet.

I discarded foods from my diet such as chocolate, chocolate drinks, any foods containing chocolate or cocoa. Dairy products yoghurt, cheese, ice cream, dips, milk, Vegemite, alcohol in particular wine, pineapple and citrus fruit. Chinese food if it contained MSG. Spicy Foods. Sugar, peanuts or oily nuts and animal fat. Grapes, sultanas, raisins, strawberries also affected my arthritis and tomatoes.

I came to realise that if I was in pain it was something I had eaten over the last 17 hours.

However, since having Neuro Stress Release (NSR) I am free to eat what I like. My right knee is supple and pain free. Before that I had to be very careful what I ate and if I did indulge in certain foods I would feel discomfort the next day.

My father-in-law who lived in Sydney also suffered with arthritis for over 10 years. During that time he was on medication from the doctor. He would wake up of a morning and have to pry his fingers open. I tried to get him to eliminate certain foods from his diet but was unsuccessful.

He came to the Gold Coast to live about six months before he died, he was 86 years old. I helped him with his diet and he was completely pain free and stopped all medication within three weeks.

I worked in Community Aged Care and during that time I looked after a gentleman who had to walk with a cane because of arthritis in the knee. I suggested that he avoid eating certain foods in particular chocolate as his fridge was full of it. He threw the lot away much to his wife's dismay. Within about four weeks he had thrown his cane away too. However, because the remedy was so simple he had a lapse at Easter when he ate some Easter eggs. I visited him the next day and he told me he was in pain. He told me how convinced he was about the need to eliminate chocolate from his diet.

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