Leatrice Lynne LattsYou are the best healer I have ever worked with, You are truly the healer’s healer.

Allan WulffGod Bless You Rosemary!!!! I certainly recommend you to everyone. Best wishes to you, Alan.

Diane NearyRosemary, It was a wonderful experience the other night with you.

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About Rosemary


Rosemary was first introduced to Neuro Stress Release after a friend was cured of Chronic Fatigue.

Tony White & Jackie Chan on the set of "HighBinders"

Tony was one of the youngest Wing Chun Kung Fu Masters in the world. He had spent thousands of dollars on traditional and alternative therapies; NSR was the only thing that cured him. After the healing Tony was then able to go on and work with Jackie Chan in the movie "Highbinders".

After Tony was healed from Chronic Fatigue he advised Rosemary to look further into the NSR healing method. Rosemary says, "For me this is where it all began".

Rosemary then decided to have an NSR session to see whether it would be beneficial to her. And boy were the results astounding! Her back pain of 40 years was completely healed.
Rosemary’s Full NSR Journey

Butterfly HeartRosemary is described by her clients as a gifted and warm, passionate spiritual healer. Every healing is personally unique and dealt with in a loving and caring way.

Her passion is to provide guidance into difficult situations, help people to heal and to motivate an individual to higher levels that they once thought unachievable.

She has helped and worked on hundreds of people in Australia and Overseas in areas of their Health, Relationships, Careers, Business, and Spiritual Growth.

Rosemary has been a facilitator for many miraculous healings where a person has recovered from ailments they had suffered with for years. She is extremely grateful to her spirit guides for the wonderful healings and guidance that has been received.

Rosemary’s own experience with...

I had a painful lower back on and off for over 40 years after a minor fall when I was a teenager. Over that time I frequently would be laid up for a period from 3 to 4 days in great discomfort.

Having Neuro Stress Release was the turning point in my life. My back has not caused me any problems and I am now completely pain free without any medication.

Rosemary’s own experience with...

I had arthritis in the knee for 10 years. When I woke of a morning my knee would be locked into a excruciating painful position. I found it difficult to climb stairs and I regularly took medication.

However, since having Neuro Stress Release (NSR) I am free to eat what I like without suffering from painful arthritis. My right knee is supple and pain free.

Rosemary’s own experience with...

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